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Born on the 14th January 1962 in Los Angeles, California Patricia Morrison started playing bass at the age of sixteen. With Patricia’s love of all kinds of music online trading singapore it was only natural that she would pursue a career in music. Patricia’s favorite bands at this period were Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Queen, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music and Sparks as well as many 60s bands including The Doors. At this time a lack of female musicians in a mainly male dominated industry made the young Patricia even more determined to succeed.



Patricia started her musical career playing bass in a band called Femme Fatale along with Margo Reyes and Alice Armendariz later to feature in the first line up of The Bags, Femme Fatale never played live.



During Patricia’s time in The Bags she decided to start a side project title Squad with a girl called Shannon Wilheilm an all female band just as a bit of fun. Patricia left the band very early on due to doing other things, ironically Alice Bag ended up as a member of Squad also Deedee Troit from the San Francisco band, UXA.



In 1976 Patricia decided along with the for mentioned Alice Armendariz to start a punk band called The Bags. At this time the punk explosion had begun singapore online broker with L.A seemingly to be at the forefront of the LA punk scene. Patricia and Alice then approached a childhood friend Janet Koontz to play guitar; the only vacant position was for a drummer. This came in the shape of Joe Nanini who had placed an advert in a publication called Recycler stating that a drummer into Ramones and Mahavishnu Orchestra was looking to join a band.  With a drummer now in Place and as Janet was only a budding guitarist, the girls decided that a twin guitarist approach was the way forward.

The second guitarist to join was a friend of the newly recruited drummer, Joe Nanini. Geza X was the final member drafted in to complete the first of many line-ups. Patricia had told Joe that they had to wear bags over their heads on stage so no one would know who they were as a gimmick, Joe agreed and relayed the same message to Geza X which was met by the same agreeable reaction. So with Joe and Geza X now in place The Bags, one of the original L.A. punk bands had been created unfortunately this line up was short lived. Biography Bags Live at Cukoo's Nest.jpg (12056 bytes)

Joe Nannini went on to play drums in Wall of Voodoo and Gexa X various LA bands and production.The line-up most people recall was Alice Armendariz (Vocals), Pat Bag (Bass), Craig Lee (Guitar), Bob Ritter (Guitar) and Terry Graham (Drums). Before leaving the group, Geza X produced a single for Dangerhouse Records titled Survive, with music by Patricia and lyrics by Alice. The Bags were regulars on the fledging LA punk scene and played everywhere from The Troubadour, the traditional musicians hang out, where a riot occurred when Said Trad Musos were horrified with punks invading their domain, to The Hong Kong Cafe, Club 88 and various locations of The Masque. Before they disbanded The Bags did a West Coast tour where they played in Seattle with Iggy Pop. An attempted tour of Texas never came to pass.  Patricia parted company with The Bags after Alice decided that she no longer wanted Patricia as part of the band, citing her 'jumping around on stage' as a problem as well as requesting her not to back comb her hair. Asked to choose between the girls, the band chose Alice believing her to the more important member, as she was the vocalist. With the decision made Patricia departed and didn’t stop jumping around onstage or backcombing her hair, but the most ridiculous reason for the sacking of Patricia was she was just too punk for the band. The Bags had told her they wanted to be how to buy pfizer shares a "serious dance band" and with that in mind you would have to say that the inevitable would have happened anyway.



It is now 1981 and after leaving the Bags Patricia formed Legal Weapon with Kat Arthur (vocals), Brian Hansen (guitar) and Charlie Vartanian (drums). Various line up changes occurred during Patricia's stay, but before leaving the group on amicable terms she recorded the first studio release, a five track E.P titled No Sorrow with the above line up. Legal Weapon went on to sign a record deal with A&M before disbanding.



The Los Angeles based The Gun Club was formed in 1980 by Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo. Patricia joined around 1982 and played bass for the American based Gun Club briefly known as Creeping Ritual.    Patricia joined The Gun Club after bassist Rob Ritter (ex Bags) quit the band, Terry Graham (ex Bags) asked Patricia if she was interested in the vacant position.

Patricia moved to London, with The Gun Club so popular in Europe it made sense to make the move Patricia then left the band in 1984. 





This was a side project whilst being a member of the Gun Club, the line up consisted of members of the Gun Club, Ledge (Vocals), Kid Congo (guitars), Patricia (bass) and Desperate (drums).  They completed a U.K and European Tour and during the second tour decided to quite the band, Patricia says " this band had to be seen to be believed I wore a huge Dolly Parton wig and a massive bra stuffed to the hilt with padding". 

When the band toured the U.K Patricia was so unrecognisable that no one new who or believed it was her.



After leaving The Gun Club Patricia stayed in the U.K with Kid Congo and formed the band Fur Bible.  Fur Bible released one studio effort a single titled Plunder The Tombs on the French record label, New Rose, the played a massive U.K tour as opening act for Siouxie and the Banshees finishing the tour with a gig at the Royal Albert Hall.  As the band was winding down Andrew Eldritch called Patricia and asked if she would be interested in joining The Sisters Of Mercy. Fur Bible Flyer Jpeg.jpg (16442 bytes)



As a friend of Andrew Eldritch Patricia joined forces with the founder member of the gothic rock band The Sisters Of Mercy after a call asking for her help after his band quit.

Andrew needed to release an album in the following year. In 1988 Floodland was released which featured three songs that would enter the Top 40 singles chart by the videos, these being, This Corrosion, Dominion & Lucretia My Reflection.



Reflect On This was release in 1994 this is and was Patricia's first and only solo album to date, coming as it did at the time in her career when she had no option, but to record a solo effort after parting company with Andrew Eldritch.  Already perceived as more than just a bass player the solo option seemed to be the only obvious avenue to follow.  It was also what the record companies expected,  however to quote Patricia "It was something I never really had any desire to do". 

The problem with trying release a solo album at this time was that people, including musicians thought that Patricia was loaded after departing the Sisters, when she was in fact penniless.  To add to this was the fact that that most musicians were not suitable enough and the people that were, were unaffordable.  Luckily an excellent drummer and friend appeared in the shape of Franco Rogantan.  Patricia had Ian Blackaby to help with the management side of things, Ian also put the record deal together, which is how the album "Reflect On This" came about.

Patricia toured the UK with gigs in London at the Garage, Highbury on the 16th June 1994 and then later at the Marquee Club on the 30th October 1994.  Then under took an extensive tour of Eastern Europe including Prague and East Germany to name but a few.

On reflection Patricia was never really happy with the final sound of "Reflect On This" and has since found it very difficult to listen to.  After a recent revaluation with Franco, the pair took some tracks over to the Captain and he kindly added some guitars to some tracks.  Patricia and Franco had also written an extra 12 songs in case the opportunity to release them ever arose.   So we may yet see another Patricia Morrision solo album in the future and hopefully this time she will be happy with the final result.



Patricia was drafted into the legendary 70s punk band The Damned after an unfortunate accident involving a glass object thrown at bass guitarist Paul Gray by a so called fan during a concert at the The Forum, Kentish Town, London in 1996. Patricia since 1996 has settled in well with The Damned and has undertaken tours of Europe, Australia, Japan and the U.S.A to mention a few. To this day she still plays in The Damned, and is married the lead singer of The Damned lead singer David Vanian where they tied the knot in Las Vegas.  Since the introduction of Patricia into the ranks The Damned have toured constantly and without a new studio album release since Anything back in 1986.

The Damned came back with a superb album in the shape of Grave Disorder which was played as part of a live playback for the fans with two nights at Dingwalls, Camden Town, London on the 21st and 22nd of August 2001.   In my opinion Grave Disorder is one of the best Damned albums ever with a mixture of the gothic era of Phantasmagoria and classic full on Damned.  This album is so very underrated not only for it's music content , but it's lyrics also and deserved so much more recognition than it received.  Yet again The Damned hit the long and winding road to tour this album taking in the US, Canada, UK, Italy then back to the UK for a one off Christmas Date at the Ocean Club, Hackney on Friday 21st December.

In 2002 it's more of the same for The Damned well four members anyway as due to a family illness Patricia was unable to undertake the tour of the US in March and April which is a shame as they had landed a slot as support for Rob Zombie.  Warren Renfrow is the replacement bassist this unfortunately did not go as well as The Damned had planned and pulled out the rest of the tour.  With Patricia back on board the band then play a string of UK dates throughout May, June and July ending with a date at the Empire, Shepherds Bush on the 12th July, this particular gig at the Empire has a distinctly Hawaiian theme and all is reveled as this concert is being filmed for future DVD release in 2003.

2003 arrives quickly and wow have 3 months off with no touring at the start of a year for a change or maybe not as the band start editing film etc.. for the forthcoming DVD release which at this point has no release date.  So no rest there then .  The  Damned start touring with a date in Poland at Klub Proxima, Warzsaw on the 6th April then head back to the UK   for a nationwide tour starting on the 12th until the middle of July.  The Damned head over to the US to tour a Festival titled the Fiend Fest co headling with Misfits  from the 24th July to the 23rd August during this time an official release date for the forthcoming DVD has been confirmed as Monday the 25th August.



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The Bags Photo:  Live at the Cuckoo's Nest, Orange County

Fur Bible: Concert Flyer Thursday 26th September 1985

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